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Far Cry 4 Coop – open world free roam coop. I do believe we have a winner.

– Free open world to run around in.
– Respawn times and player rescue.
– Match finding, lobby system.
– Campaign style – not too caught up in a coop thing.
– Level changes and load times.
– Game Save System – Load and Save coop games.

A must play for any cooperative gamer. You need multiple CD Keys, so just go out and get it as fast as you can. All the keygens and serials are fake and full of malware so don’t even bother. oh yeah I will need you to fill out a short survey.. lol

Awesome game and I really think they hit all the important parts for being the BEST COOP GAME EVER ! well almost..

The free roam open world coop was a must and I cant believe no body has done it sooner. Great Job guys !!!

-Replay ability play some smashup up derby with your friend, Go on a hunting safari, Clean his clock in a death match hunt you down if you can type of play. Maybe take to the sky’s in a good old fashion Dog Fight. Congratulation on a wonderful game. Thank you for the PC support and Cooperative game state of mind. BEST EVER.

Did I mention you can also just play the game.

Farcry 4 coop

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