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Coop games seem to have these 4 problems time after time. It is always a Swing and Miss..  at least for the last 10 years or so…

1) Respawn – Respawn is very important. Don’t do a turok 3 lives total crap. We want to play the game. We want to set the respawn..

2) Campaign – Don’t get caught up in the coop thing where one guy has to open a door or something. Have multiple coop game types but don’t change the levels. We want the game not A coop thing. Do the single player campaign with cooperative game play. Build it into the engine !!!

3) Level changes & Load times – Do I have to talk about load time and level changes. All players need to auto load to the next level. Rainbow Six Vegas is a master at respawn time and level changes/load times.

4) SAVE Games – Multiple Coop match save options. Save this coop match with this friend. Saved that coop match with another friend. 


oh yeah – Don’t worry about death match It’s always their no matter what. Just turn and shoot !!!


Originally posted 2008-06-01 14:09:46.