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Quake II VR v2.0.0 Alpha

Released May 15th, 2017

Authors / Contributors for Q2VR:

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This is a Quake II engine mod to add native support for Virtual Reality HMD’s such as the Oculus Rift.
This mod is based on KMQuake II and incorporates work from RiftQuake.

Important Note: This version targets the Oculus SDK only, not Steam VR. It may work with the Vive in conjunction with Revive, but it hasn’t been tested.

Download Links

There are 3 different versions you can get:
Binaries-only (no HD textures; if you already own Quake 2) – quake2vr-2.0.0-bin.zip
If you don’t own Quake 2, you can get the version with the shareware .pak included: quake2vr-2.0.0-shareware.zip (Alternate, non mega.nz link)
Binaries + HD textures, music, mods, and shareware levels: quake2vr-2.0.0-full.zip


New in this version:

  • Oculus CV1 (consumer version) support with LibOVR 1.12
  • Partial Oculus Touch support. Touch can be used as a gamepad input. Additionally, if “VR Controller Support” is enabled in the game options (VR section) (enabled by default for right-hand aiming), the Touch controllers can be used to aim weapons (orientation only). Positional weapon tracking is not supported.
    But to be clear, you can aim with the Touch controllers.
  • VR Comfort Turning (enabled by default, 45 degree increments). Can be disabled in game options, VR section. There are also two new console commands “comfortturn_left” and “comfortturn_right”, so comfort turning can be used in conjunction with more aimmodes; bound to DPad Left and Right by default.
  • Experimental VR auto-crouch feature (disabled by default), which lets you crouch in real-life to trigger in-game crouch. May be buggy. To enable, type ‘vr_autocrouch 1’ at the console
  • VR Supersampling (Render Target Multiplier, Pixels per Display Pixel Override) can be set explicitly in game options (VR, Advanced).

Other features:

  • Projected HUD/2D UI elements
  • Decoupled view and aiming
  • Full configuration of VR settings through menus
  • Native support for the Oculus Rift
  • Xbox 360 / Xinput compatible gamepad support
  • Regular / 2D mode if VR is disabled, or no Rift is detected
  • Multiplayer should work (deathmatch or CTF)